Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Creative Writing By Hassaan

                     Creative writing
“OWW!!” I yelped. The blazing hot sand burned under my bare feet.My friends and I were traveling through the Sahara desert. We were trying to be the first ones to set foot on new lands, we were trying to be pioneers. This may be our big break.

I felt like I was hallucinating because I saw some cacti wearing human clothes walking around. I heard the roaring of what seemed to be an airplane's engine. I just thought I was hearing things just like I was seeing things.

I looked up and saw a huge plane zooming in our direction. It had little propellers on each wing, 4 to be exact.“AAHH!” Everyone
screamed. I heard static from the plane. A thick blanket of dust covered us, the plane seemed to slice through the dust like a hot knife through butter.Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Moments of my life actually flashed before my eyes.  Moments like my 5th birthday and my first day of school. I remembered the tear in my Mother’s eye when I said “Mum I’m going to school tomorrow.”

The plane hit me and I was out. My friend Tai came up to me with his jeep and took me to the hospital, at least that's what I was told by my friends. I sat in the hospital bed with a broken leg and a broken arm. ‘Whats going to happen to me next?’ I thought to myself quietly.

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  1. Wow Haassan,

    You have made a great job of your descriptive writing. I could get the sense of the noise and action and then the quiet when you were in hospital. Well done. I wonder what else you will write about?