Friday, April 1, 2016

Explanation Writing By Sarah

Friday 18th March 2016

Explanation Writing

Have you considered why houses have windows? I will provide you with many reasons as to why houses have windows in their house.

There are many different shapes of windows. e.g. circle ones, square ones and many more. Your house will look attractive with windows. People put blinds and curtains in their house. This will make the house look beautiful from in and outside.

Oxygen is always good for people who have health problems. Having your house stuffy will make sick people more sick. It is better having air running through your house instead of it being damp and dusty. How would you feel if your house was damp and dusty? Windows are also good to have because it will let Oxygen into your house. Without oxygen in your house, it will be hot and stuffy. If you have any health problems, it is always good to have windows so air and oxygen flowing through your house.

Having windows in your house will keep you and your whanau safe. Having windows is always a great thing because there are criminals stealing, robbing, killing and hurting whanau. How would you feel if there were criminals out and about? I certainly will not feel safe.

Having Windows is great because people may want to look outside and see the view. Looking outside is always a great thing. People may want to see what it’s  like outside or if it’s good for children to play.

Windows provide natural light and warmth in the winter. Windows help when it’s winter. You can close them when it’s cold outside. They keep coldness out when it’s winter.

It is also good to have windows in case you need to get out because there might be a fire. Windows are always a good thing to have. Imagine a fire starting and there is no where out. How would you feel if a fire started by the door and there were no windows?

Some people have double glazed  windows. Double glazing windows are useful to  people who require some peace and think time to think, plus who would want their thoughts interrupted by something noisy like a loud screech of tyres?

I trust that I have provided you with many reasons as to why we should have windows in our houses.

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