Friday, April 8, 2016

How animals survive in their natural habitat by Shaima Room 4 Yr. 5

How animals survive in their natural habitats

Have you ever wondered how animals survive in their natural habitat? In this explanation, I will provide reasons, as to how animals survive in their natural habitat.

Cheetahs are carnivores which means they only eat meat. The cheetah is the fastest  land animal on the planet, it has long slim legs and it is very sleek. It can cut through air which allows it run very, very fast. Can you imagine running so fast? Some of the cheetah’s competitors are lions, leopards and hyenas. Its speed enables it to compete with these other animals. Without speed it’s survival  would be threatened.
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Birds can be all kinds of shapes and sizes, they are mostly small. Birds have limbs which help them fly, the limbs that help them fly are wings. Birds migrate which means flying to other parts of the world when it gets cold. If a bird does not migrate it, will die because of the cold climate. They also migrate to raise their young. Birds live and breed in most terrestrial habitats on all seven continents. Kingfisher birds have long beaks which help them catch fish. Their long beaks help their survival. Their feathers keep them them warm, if they didn’t have feathers they would be very cold and they could die.
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Ants get their food in summer, because they can’t move that much in winter. Can you imagine being an ant? Ants work together to get food, because one ant can’t push a whole piece of bread. It would be like one person trying to pick up, three boxes of wood at the same time. Their head has many sensory organs help them find food. Without their sensory organs they won't be able to detect food and their survival would be threatened.
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Dolphins are just like human beings even though they live in the ocean, they can’t breathe underwater either.There are many different species of dolphins e.g. bottlenose and spotted dolphins. Dolphins have two flippers, on the underside towards the head and a dorsal fin and a tail fin. Dolphins are very smart, they have a small brain at the top of their head. Dolphins are highly social animals, often living in pods of up to a dozen individuals.
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These are all the reasons as to how cheetahs, birds, ants, and dolphins survive in their natural habitat. I trust that your now have an idea.

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