Monday, May 2, 2016

Similes and metaphors shaima room 4 yr 5

                                                   Monday 2 May
                                                 Simile or metaphor

Similes compare one thing with another e.g. “He was as cold as ice”.
Metaphors on the other hand are hidden comparisons e.g. Instead of saying someone  is as strong as an ox, we say he/she is an ox.

Work out whether these sentences include a simile or a metaphor.

1- Mum was as busy as a beaver getting ready for a party. Simile.
2- The nurse seemed like an angel. Simile.
3- I was snug as a bug in my new sleeping bag. Simile.
4- He was faster than a bullet. Metaphor.
5- She was the brightest star in the class. Metaphor.

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