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Shaima yr 5 Narrative writing

                                                          Narrative writing
                                                                The future

It was 8:25 am on an amazing winter Monday in New York. Surprisingly the sun was shining brightly like it was summer and their wasn’t a cloud in sight. It felt like it was a warm spring afternoon instead of a winter morning.

Emma, Emily and Ellie are identical triplets. But everyone at school calls them the three E’s because all of their names start with the letter E. Emma is the rebel, she is fearless, but she also has a big heart. Emily is the shy triplet, she is shy and sweet. Ellie is the loud triplet, she is cheerful and loves to help others. The only things Emma, Emily and Ellie have in common are that they look the same, they would do anything for their friend and they all have a big heart.

Everyone at school seemed to be having an amazing day, they were all talking about how great the weather was, how great their day had been and how nice their teachers had been to them. Everyone except for the Taylor triplets. Emma, Emily and Ellie were having the worst day ever. They all slept in and they had been late for school. Emma got detention for not completing her homework. Emily got detention for not bringing her homework in. Ellie got detention for talking during class. It was even worse because everyone was talking about how great the day was and that made them get even madder.

As they walked into detention,  they scowled and growled. Even cheerful Ellie was in a bad mood.  Mrs S, the teacher who was was doing detention that day was happily reading a book called “Tips on organising your bookshelf to look exactly like people 101,” That made the triplets even more annoyed and mad because everyone seemed to be having an amazing day except for them. They walked over to the desks and waited for the Mrs S to look up from her book and notice them. After a four minutes,  the triplets just got tired of waiting for Mrs S. Emma yelled “hello Mrs S we are here for our detention!” “Shush” Emily whispered “I don’t want a week of detention I already ruined my reputation” “Whatever” Emma said. “ What are your guys talking about?” Ellie asked. “Shush Ellie” Emma and Emily said at the same time. Surprisingly Mrs S didn’t look up she just kept reading her book.

By the time the time Mrs S finally looked up from her book, the triplets had changed the time on the clock, crossed out their names on the detention sheet and were just about to leave. “What  are you three E’s doing in detention?” Mrs S asked. “Um Miss R asked if Emily could get some very important papers from your desk, and Ellie and I decided we should come with Emily” Emma said. “Okay” Mrs S replied. “Hey girls do you know who’s got detention today?” “I don’t think anybody's got detention today” Ellie said. Wow! Mrs S exclaimed I think that's the first time for a long time that no one has got detention. “Well we don’t want to bother you since you really seem to like your book” Ellie said. “Bye” Emma said. They ran out of the classroom and out of the school.

“Phew” Emily said. “Yeah I was worried that the teacher would catch us and we would have detention for the rest of our lives in high school and this is only our second year” Ellie said. “I think we should probably get out of here before Mrs S checks the security camera” Emma said. “There was a security camera in there” Emily whispered, she started to look pale. “Yeah duh, didn’t you know” Emma said. “Um” I don’t think she knew that” Ellie said guiltily.

As they walk home Emma noticed a new statue blocking the path way. “Hey why is there a statue over there and why does it look like an imaginary land filled with unicorns, rainbows and fairies?” Ellie asked. They waited for Emily to talk about it but she didn’t it seemed like she was even there. “Where's Emily?” Emma asked. “Umm Emma look over there” Ellie told her. Emma looked at where her sister was pointing. “Hey there Emily” Emma said. “Emily” Emma called out. But her sister just kept walking it seemed like she couldn’t hear them but she was just a few feet away. Emily ran into one of the mirrors. Emma and Ellie expected her to crash and get hurt but she somehow went through the mirror.

“Umm where did Emily go” Ellie asked. “I think it’s a portal” Emma said. “To where” Ellie said worriedly, “I don’t know but we have to follow” Emma said. “How do we get back?” “What if we never get back Ellie began with her questions. “I don’t know, but all I know right now is that we have to get Emily back Emma said determinedly. She took a deep breath and calmly walked through the portal. Ellie sighed and followed Emma since really she had no choice. Ellie closed her eyes and ran into the portal.

When Ellie opened her eyes she was in a completely different world. There were these computer chips all over something that was supposed to look grass instead of the beautiful flowers and trees. Instead of the white apartments, that used to be on the streets there were huge mansions that were the size of a castle. The only thought that came into her mind was that she would have loved to live in one of those mansions. “This is no time for daydreams Ellie I have to find Emma and Emily” Ellie told herself. Just then she spotted Emma and Emily. She ran up to them. “Has Emily turned back to normal?” Ellie asked. Emma nodded. She went back to normal as soon as she entered the portal.

“Do you know how to get back?” Ellie asked. “No when I looked back I saw nothing” Emma replied. “Great we're stuck in the future” Emma said sarcastically. “I’m pretty sure that this is another planet” Ellie said. “Umm I agree with Emma” Emily said. “Give me one good reason why you think that this is the future” Ellie said a bit angrily since Emily always agreed with her. Emma rolled her eyes. “Maybe it’s because it says 2025 in huge letters on that building” she said. Ellie rolled her eyes.

“What happened to the sweet Ellie, that never used to roll her eyes Emily whispered in Emma’s ear. “I have no idea” Emma whispered back. “Aren’t you going to help me find a way to get home” Ellie said. “Ellie snapped out of it” Emma said. “No I won’t” she replied. “Well why not” Emily said. “Because I have huge plans Ellie said. “Great Ellie’s acting like a diva Emily said. I've got this Emma said. Then she clapped three times. Ellie went to sleep. Emma clapped again and Ellie woke up. “Where were you guys, I have tons to tell you. “And the old Ellie is back” Emily cried. “Wait a second how did you do that” Emily said. “My friend taught me, it can be very handy”. “Okay now we have to find a way to get home”.

A few hours later,  the triplets came across a building that read do you have a problem? “Maybe if we could find someone to help us in here” Emily said. “What are we going to say we walked into a portal and somehow we got here” Emma said. “I agree with Emily, it’s better to find someone that knows about this than walking around hoping for a miracle” Ellie said. “Fine” Emma said stubbornly. As they walked down the endless hallway they saw tons of pictures of flowers and animals.

“Why do they have pictures of animals and flowers?” Emma asked. “Probably to make people feel welcome” Emily replied. When the hallway finally ended the girls felt super tired. “Come on we have to find someone Emily said. After ten minutes of walking around they saw someone or three people. The triplets couldn’t see there faces but they looked very familiar. “Do you know who that is?” Emma asked. “No but she looks super familiar” Emily said. “Wait anything we do in the past affects the future right” Emily said. Ellie and Emma nodded. “So maybe there one of our friends, and I think we told them in the future what happened when we got stuck in the future” Emily said. “So?” Ellie said. “So maybe they know how to get back” Emily cried. Come on let's follow them.

After going through dozens of rooms they entered a tunnel. “How do people even get through these tunnels?” Ellie asked. “More importantly why would someone make tunnels here” Emma asked. “Shhh, do you want them to hear us?” Emily asked. A few minutes later they were at a dead end, but instead of turning around,  the three girls that they were following just waited. After a few seconds later the scanner scanned the three girls and the wall opened. “What are we going to do now?” Ellie said. “I have no idea” Emma replied. “Wait a second we think those girls are our friends in the future right?” Emily asked. Emma and Ellie nodded. “So maybe they have us on the scanner” Emily said. “Good idea, let's see what happens” Emma said. The girls stood where the girls had stood and waited for the scanner. When the scanner came it’s green light shone and the wall opened. As soon as they saw who was inside their jaws dropped.

It was Ellie, Emily and Emma in the future. Ellie squealed “OMG look three little versions of us” Ellie said. “Ellie look over there and see who else is in the room. “Who are you?” the future version of Emily asked. “Well I’m Emma Taylor, this is Ellie Taylor and this is Emily Taylor” Emily said. But that's us” the future version of Emma said. “We know, we went through this portal which brought us here and we're trying to find a way back” Emma said. “We thought you were one of our friends in the future and we thought that you could help us find a way back” Emily said. The other versions of them were quiet. “Do you know a way to get back?” Ellie asked.“Well we do have something that could help you” Emily number two. “A portal that helped us get back when we got stuck in the future too” Emma number two added.

“Where is it?” the normal Emma asked. “It’s over here” Ellie number two said and took out a huge boring, plain mirror with a black border. “All you need to do is walk through it and you’ll be home” Emily number two said. “Thanks for helping us” Emily said. “Why wouldn’t we help ourselves” Ellie said. Everyone giggled.”All you need to do, is walk through the mirror and say I want to go home” Emma number 2 said. “You also need to close your eyes” Ellie said. “When you open your eyes you’ll be outside that statue” Emily number two said. “How did you know that?” Ellie asked. “We’re the future version of you remember” Ellie number two said. “Come back soon” the future versions of them said. “We will” the normal versions of them said and with a flash they were gone.

“Ow couldn’t that have been a bit more comfortable” Emma said. “You should be glad we're home” Emily said. “I know but couldn’t that have a bit more comfortable” Emma said. “Yeah I agree with Emma that was very uncomfortable Ellie said. “I feel like I’m forgetting something” Emma said. “The security camera” Emily cried “we have to delete the footage before someone see’s it Emma said. “Actually it doesn’t really matter anymore” Emily said. “Are you sure?” Ellie asked. “Yeah I’m sure” Emily replied.

It was late at night when Emily and Ellie came into Emma’s room. After their long day they had wanted to talk about what had happened. “I can't believe we got stuck in the future” Emily cried. “I can” Ellie said. “Hey I know we don’t get along much but I just wanted to let you know that I’m glad we're triplets” Emma said. “Me too” Emily and Ellie said. They had a group hug and went back to their rooms, knowing that they would always need each other.

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