Monday, July 25, 2016

Using two adverbs and two adjectives

Wednesday 3rd March 2016

LI: I am learning to write an interesting paragraph to a recount.

SC: I will use two Adverbs and two Adjectives.

Dad,Stylah,Tyson,Videll,Step mum Brenda and I arrived at the chaotic airport. I was afraid that I might get lost because people were running here and there. Dad said “ come on we will have something to eat.” The lines at McDonald's were extremely long, too long. Dad ordered some breakfast for us. I cautiously watched as my brother Stylah go to the toilet. Stylah had just came back,when I just remembered my flight was nearly getting ready to take off. We saw a gigantic statue while we were heading up the stairs. I thought I was dreaming every time I  look at it. My brother Tyson was so enthusiastic to jump on the statue. Dad said “no”.

What an awesome paragraph. I see the adjectives and adverbs. Matua Komal

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  1. Kua tutuki pai i a koe te whāinga ako i hiahiatia e tõ kaiako. You have achieved the objectives that Matua Komal has set for you - Well Done!