Monday, September 7, 2015


Recount Writing

On Saturday Mum,Dad,Jillian,Todd and I went to Fisherman’s Point for a picnic.It was Grandma’s 60th birthday.

After we picked up Grandma at eight 0 clock,we started the long drive to a magnificent picnic spot.We drove past farms with cows and horses and went over a long bridge over a river.The cows looked bored because the grass was too dry.The horses looked bored because there was nothing to do.As the family went over the bridge,they looked into the water and saw enormous fish swimming around like wild whales.We felt excited because we had never been to Fisherman’s point for a picnic.While mum was driving, everyone was siging songs and Jillian had her head buried into an interesting book.Finally we arrived.The family was excited because the view was beautiful.

Aunty Beth and uncle John and our cousins,Susan and Andrew were waiting for us patiently.We had fun playing games,then we ate lots of cake.They played last card and connect four.When they ate the delicious cake,they felt like enormous fat pigs.They did’nt want to swim because it was to cold.Grandma had a nap after lunch on a fold up chair under the trees.Grandma felt comfortable under the trees.Grandma felt lucky to have such a loving family.At 4 0 clock we packed up the car and headed for home.Everyone all helped to pack up the car.Jillian,Todd,Susand and Andrew were sad because the did’nt want to leave Fisherman’s picnic spot.They did’nt want to leave because that place was the best place they had ever been to.

We all had a great time especially Grandam,who said that she had never napped in such a peaceful place.Grandma had the best birthday in her life.Everyone else had a magnificent day.

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