Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why animals shouldn't be held in captivity? By Te Aue

In my opinion animals should not be held in captivity.I will provide you with many reasons as to why animals should not be held in captivity.Do  you agree with me that they should be allowed to be free?

Animals are born free and should be allowed to be free.Zoos have no right to keep animals.Zoos are not natural environment for animals because they are placed  in cages or enclosure.Animals are sad,depressed and bored because there is limited space.Animals do not learn how to protect themselves because they are not in their natural environment.How would you feel if you were locked in a cages or enclosures?

In zoos animals are teased and mocked.Although signs are up saying do not tease or mock but visitors do not adhere to the rules.Animals become upset and confused and they can attack you.Throughout the world there have been incidents where animals attacked visitors.In the zoos, visitors throw stones and litter at the animals and the visitors disrespect this how we treat our animals?

Although the zoos have a breeding program,it is not effective as the natural environment because in the wild there is natural food,adequate space and they are not stressed.In the zoos they have chemicals in the food that affects animals.There is no inter breeding in the natural environment.It has made them stronger,healthy and ensures survival.In their natural environment,the animals are adapted of climatic changes so animals can get stronger for survival. Throughout the world animals are getting threatened by man.

In this persuasion I have provided you with many reasons as to why animals should not be held in captivity.I have already told you that the animals are born free and wasn’t meant to be held in zoos,they are upset and become confused because visitors throw litter and stones.The breeding program isn’t effective.I trust that i convinced adequately as to why animals should not be held in captivity.

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