Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why New Zealand should not change the flag? By Sarah

Why New Zealand Shouldn’t change the flag?

Surely you would agree that there is no need to change the New Zealand flag. I will provide you with many reasons as to why we shouldn’t change the flag. Most people would agree that we should not change the flag.

The New Zealand flag was created in 1834 by the Maori Chiefs. We created our flag before the Australian flag. We did not copy Australia. Australia copied us. Why change the flag when it’s not torn or broken? By changing the flag,it will be disrespectful to our ancestors. Our ancestors fought and gave their life for New Zealand. Is that how we treat our ancestors?

Our New Zealand soldiers went as peacekeepers to countries like Afghanistan. They carried the New Zealand flag with them. They were proud of our flag because they were representing our country. Those who lost their lives returned covered in the New Zealand flag. This will be disrespectful to their families.

By Sarah

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