Tuesday, September 1, 2015

By Summah

Why animals should not be held in captivity?

Surely you would agree with me as to why animals should not be held in captivity?I will provide you with many reasons as to why animals should not be held in captivity.

Zoos are not natural habitats for animals .Animals are born free therefore zoos have no right to keep animals in captivity.Would you agree with me that zoos have no right to take animals away from their own environment?Animals cannot defend or protect themselves because everything is done for them.e.g water and food is provided.when they are kept in enclosures they look bored and restless .How do i know?because you can see it in their eyes.How would you feel if you were kept in captivity?


  1. Kia Ora Summah,
    I really like the way you have hooked me into your writing. I surely do agree with you! I don't think zoos should take animals from their natural environments. It is interesting that you say you 'can see it in their eyes' - could you give me an example of this from your visit to the zoo?

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    2. Thank you Whaea Tania when we saw the elephant it was sad because it was all alone