Friday, October 30, 2015

My recount:A day at the beach BY SARAH

Recount writing: A day out at the beach

During the holidays, Mum, Cousins, Aunty, Uncle, Sister,Sister law, Brother, Nephew, Niece and I went to the beach. I was in the shower. Ten minutes later mum dashed in the shower and said “ get ready we are going to the beach”. We started packing the car.We went on dad’s flash reliable car.I was very excited because I had not been to that beach in a long time.

We started to pack up the car. We went to Tapapakanga beach. We took kai,towels, togs,drinks, chilly bin, ice blocks and many more items. I helped mum pack up the car. I was excited because a lot of my family came. When mum,sister and I were done , we went to our Aunty Puti’s house. All my Whanau had to meet there. When everyone arrived, we started our enjoyable ride to the beach.

My Uncle had found us an comfortable shady spot. All my whanau helped to get the stuff out of the car. We took all of our stuff to our spot. We set up our stuff. When we were done, I ran to the tent like lightning to put my togs on. When I was done, Mum put some suntan lotion on me. As soon as she was done, I ran to the beach with my cousins. I saw a lot of people surfing. So I thought to myself,”shall I grab my surfboard?” Then I thought back to myself and thought, “No I would rather have a swim.” I felt lucky to have a whanau who loves the beach.

I was having an enjoyable swim. The view from the beach was beautiful. Then mum said, “Come for a kai.” So we got out and went for a kai. We had steak, chops,sausages, salad and  much more. We had finished, we rested our stomachs for half an hour. Within that hour, we were reading, singing,fighting and climbing trees.

I felt excited because we went back in the water. My family and I played a game. We played volleyball. My team was winning until the other team started smashing us. Then we finished playing.

My team had won by one point. I was feeling proud of my team. We then went to the wharf. It started to get deep so my little nephews came on the wharf. They watched us jumping off but it was too deep for them.My cousin and I had a bomb competition. I went first. Then my cool cousin went next. I had lost. But it didn’t matter because my cousin was older than me. All my cousins started doing enormous bombs. Their bombs were huge because they were teenagers.

My cousin kept on doing bombs.So I went for a walk to the park.The park had a lot of stuff.I went on the swings.The swings were going high.High is awesome.I went on the monkey bars.They were slippery.I felt scared because i might fall off.My cousins  and I went back to the enormous wharf. We started jumping off again.We then went back to our spot.

We packed up and left.The drive home was awesome because we had ice-cream.The ice-cream was delicious.I had passion fruit ice-cream.We finally arrived home.We unpacked the car and went inside.We had a hot shower.When we finished, we went to sleep.WOW I had a smashing day.

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