Thursday, October 29, 2015


It was a lazy Saturday.I was watching TV when mum raced in and said “ get ready we are going to the pools’’, I felt very excited because I had not been to the pools in a long time.

I jumped off the comfortable lazy boy and ran to go and pack my things.I packed my togs and towel as quick as lightning and dashed out the front door to put my things in the car.Then I went to and helped mum pack the car.We packed ice-cold drinks,crispy chips,chewy lollies and a car seat for my niece.Finally mum yelled “ is everyone ready’’ we all yelled “ yes’’ and off we drove.We drove past shops with lollies and toys In It.Finally we arrived, I felt so excited.

Aunty and Uncle were already there when we arrived.We all got out of the car and paid for our swim.When mum finished paying,we went into the changing rooms and got changed.In the changing room, I saw people rushing to go for a swim and then amongst them all, I saw my friend Wanita. Wanita and i pushed amongst them all  and went for a swim.

When I jumped into the water,it was ice-cold, so cold that Wanita and I wanted  to  jump out but we didn't.. Soon it started to get warm.Finally we  jumped  out because Wanita  and i had to have lunch.For lunch, I had  crispy chips and a creamy doughnut. Wanita had fish and chips my crispy chips and creamy doughnut was delicious i don't know about Wanita but i think it was delicious.

After lunch, I had a little swim and with wanita  and then went home because it was 5:00 I got out of the pool and went to get changed, when I finished I was so happy because I had not been to the pools in a long time I ran out the door and jumped in the car .I thought to myself today was the best day ever.I suggest that you go to the pools because it is the best place ever.

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