Thursday, October 29, 2015

Recount writing by Jessie-Mya

 recount writing:
A day at Huntly
On Saturday, Nan, Koro, Shannon, my aunts and I went to Huntly on our nan’s reliable car for my uncle Desmond's birthday. I didn’t know that until my Nan announced”Come on get ready we are going to Huntly!”

As soon as I heard my Nan say that i felt super excited, even when i helped my nan pack I was still excited. I was looking forward to that.

During the ride, we went pass farms, shops, houses and truckstops. Since it was a long drive,  we stopped at Pokeno to get gas and some delicious tasty ice cream. I heard that Pokeno sold the biggest icecreams.

When we finally arrived, I felt overjoyed.After my little moment, I went to go hug my Nans, Aunts, Uncles and Koros. Thereafter I went to go play with my cousins. The game we played was called ballrush, my cousins and I were having so much fun.

I felt really hungry after all that playing. I went to go to the kitchen to get some delicious snacks. I had one rasberry drink, a packet of crunchy yellow chips and a tasty taniwha burger.

After lunch I went and played with my cousins. Thereafter I went inside and watched T.V. The programme I watched was called K.C undercover, that is a funny and cool programme.

I felt really sleepy and lazy after watching T.V. I had a little nap on the comfortable couch. I really enjoyed my sleep,  but suddenly I  was awoken by my cousin's big mouth he shouted”COME ON JESSIE GET UP!!!”  

I had a little play but my Nan told me to pack up and get in the car.Thereafter, we excitedly headed back to our lovely home so we said”Hurray” to everyone.

That day was a perfect day and to be honest  I would rate this day a ten out of ten, I felt really excited about this day and my excited feeling was expressed throughout the whole day.

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