Friday, October 30, 2015

Recount writing: A beautiful day at the beach by Summah

Recount writing; A beautiful day at the beach

On Sunday morning at 10 o'clock, Ocean,Breeze,Darryl and nephew Brycie  dashed into the lounge where i was sitting on the  soft  lazy boy and they said at the same time “hurry up summah we are going to your favourite beach kawakawa beach” I rushed like lightning and got changed into shorts and a singlet and had a quick wash.

Excitedly, I helped mum pack the car.we packed books,towels,togs,sand shoes,sandwiches and much more.Mum reminded all of us and happily said”do all you people have your togs ready”we all shouted at the same time “yes it is in the car!!!There after we locked the door and went to the car.Dad said “Buckle up ”we all buckled up then started oue journey.As we started our we started the car and went out the drive way,i frustratingly let out a loud scream.It was that loud that the neighbours looked out the window to see what that noise was.I felt enthusiastic.

As we started our journey,mum turned on the radio instead of listening to the car driving across the bumpy road.we sang to the beat that was on the radio .it was like a rock and roll.While we were  heading to our destination,we saw cars speeding mad and crazy,cows,sheep,beautiful and colourful birds and trees.we drove around windey roads .It was windey like a snake . Suddenly we reached our destination. I felt very happy and excited. We saw people playing Volley ball. The water was so lovely and clear. It was that clear you could see through the water from the wharf. I was thirsty so I  politely asked mum if she could get me a drink because she was going to the shop. She replied “ okay what drink ?” I replied back  to mum “ an orange juice please.” When she came back she gave my orange juice and I drank it . It was a tangy taste but still delicious. After I drank it , I put my togs on and went for a swim.

We had our final swim for the day.  The water was so refreshing and it felt nice. we saw a jellyfish , it was white and pink . The water was also salty. We saw Fishermen fishing on the boat and at the wharf. they caught a fish, it looked slimy, big and had a prickly bub. After my final swim, I went to go have a snack. I had  an egg, lettuce and tomato sandwich that was so tasty. I also had ready salted chips, they were very salted.

Then mum tiredly said “Come on kids we had enough of the beach let's go home and relax”. So we followed what mum had said to do . I felt exhausted and tired but at the same time it was a beautiful Sunday morning and afternoon .         

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